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There are many companies that may think they provide the same level of service as we do, or can give you the same quality of work as we have already completed for countless customers. We hold ourselves to higher standards than are mandated by the government but we also want to be sure that we our procedures and methods of applying materials and product are upto date and approved by the manufactures. So we are licensed and certified to apply the materials and products by the companies listed below.

Licensed/Certified Applicators
  • Grace Construction Products - Above and Below Grade Waterproofing, Air Barrier Systems, Sheet and Fluid Applied Systems

  • American Hydrotech- Waterproofing, and Green Roof Systems

  • Neogard - Autogard, Pedagard, Floorgard SystemsWatson

  • Watson Bowman Acme - Expansion Joint Systems

  • Henry Company - Air Barrier and Waterproofing Systems

  • Cetco Building Materials Group - Waterproofing Systems

  • Specified Technologies - Firestopping Systems

  • Aquafin Inc. -Waterproofing and Coatings

  • ABAA Certified Contractor

Other Manufactures Materials Applied
  • Dow Corning 

  • Tremco Pecora 

  • Protectosil/Degussa

  • Sonneborn

  • Vandex

  • Emseal

  • CCW Miradri

  • Dow Chemical

  • DeNeef

  • Karnack

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