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We are proud to say that we have completed thousands of jobs with countless satisfied customers. Some of the jobs completed are for reparable companies and on landmarks that you may drive past everyday throughout the Tri-State area. Below are just a few of the companies and landmarks that we have previously completed work for. 


  • Membrane Waterproofing - Fluid applied liquid membrane, EPDM, and rubberizedsheet membrane, hot or cold asphalt membranes,coal tar epoxy, and bentonite clay type systems. Specialized membranes for ponds, reservoirs, potable water tanks, plaza decks, and planters.
  • Elastomeric Waterproof Coating - High-build, elastomeric waterproof coatings designed to provide a variety of textures and colors to maintain the waterproof integrity of a building while meeting aesthetic demands.

  • Air Barrier Systems - Cavity wall barriers, sheet and spray applied membranes, wall flashing, and underslab vapor retarders.

  • Cementitious Waterproofing - Capillary and metallic, negative side waterproofing.

  • Dampproofing - Fibrated or smooth asphalts and cementitious coatings. Hot or cold applied products and systems for all degrees of protection, below-grade, and cavity wall.

  • Wall Flashing Systems - Pre-formed wall flashings and seismic expansion joints.

  • Traffic Coatings - Non-skid (decorative) elastomeric, waterproof, traffic-bearing coatings and toppings for parking garages, mechanical rooms, pedestrian walk-ways, decks, and balconies.
  • Clear Treatments - Application of silanes, siloxanes, acrylics, and other clear water repellent treatments for natural stone, brick, or exposed concrete surfaces; horizontal and vertical.
  • Sealants - High performance, waterproof sealants, designed to provide an effective waterproof seal on building exteriors exposed to all weather and climactic conditions.
  • Firestopping - Authorized, trained installer of Specific Technology firestopping systems for through penetrations and joint safing conditions.
  • Epoxy Floors - Chemical-resistant and clean-room floors for the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Expansion Joints - Vertical and horizontal expansion and seismic joint systems including fire barriers.
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